The name “Miss Poes”

Miss Poes:

Well, Miss is clear, ships are female and unmarried.

“Poes” is Dutch for a female Cat, like Pussycat. And a Cat is obviously the nickname for a Catamaran. Nothing special about the name so far.

Still, Dutch children laugh when they see our ship’s name.

That is because “Mispoes!” is what kids say to another when the other loses in a game. Like fails to catch a ball, or miss when throwing, or trying to catch the other.

All lockkeepers in the Netherlands think our boat is called Mispoes, when we identify ourselves by VHF radio.

After sailing Miss Poes for a few months, I suddenly found the right name for our dinghy. It is small than Miss Poes, it is gray…..  From that moment on our dinghy is called Miss Muis for obvious reasons.

The nameplate of the dinghy is:

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